5table Finance & DefySwap

How this valuable partnership will nurture 5table Finance ecosystem

2 min readFeb 9, 2022

This great partnership has opened a lot of new opportunities for all our users and holders, as well as for the DefySwap community. Starting with cross-marketing actions and an AMA before 5table Finance presale, we got to work together nurturing both communities and increasing engagement among the users.

For a start, the $5TABLE is available for trading at DefySwap DEX, which is one of the most advanced at Fantom and also at the whole DeFi ecosystem. With CEX looking UI and advanced trading features, it allows users to trade in a smart and efficient way.

A 5TABLE-USDC farm has been deployed at DefySwap platform for everyone to provide liquidity and earn DFY rewards. Great APRs are available for all the 5TABLE holders that want to support trading at one of the best DEXs while earning great profits.

Also, we have provided 5TABLE tokens for a pool on DefySwap platform. Users are able to stake their DFY tokens to earn 5TABLE rewards in a very attractive pool.

This is just the start. DefySwap team has proved to be highly talented and very professional, and we look forward to continuing nurturing our partnership in new ways, opening new opportunities for the users and holders of both projects.




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