5table Finance is arriving at Fantom

Date and place, amount to be raised, 3 types of Discount, and many more important details

2 min readJan 22, 2022


5table Finance is an advanced multichain, decentralized protocol that will allow you to find the best investment opportunities for your stable coins (USDC, fUSDT, DAI, TUSD y MIM) in order to protect your invested capital, obtaining the best profitability that the market can offer, in a safe and sustainable platform.

> The first launch will be in the Fantom Chain.
> It will start on Jan 27th, 23.00 UTC and will take place at ftm.defilaunch.finance
> The presale will last 24hs, so it will end on Jan 28th, 23.00 UTC.

MAX Supply: 574,813 $5TABLE

17% Locked Liquidity (100,000 5TABLE)
37% Presale (213,534 5TABLE)
25% Marketing (146,466 5TABLE)
13% Pool Rewards (74,813 5TABLE)
5% Team & Devs (locked) (30,000 5TABLE)
1% Advisors (5,000 5TABLE)
1% General Reserve (5,000 5TABLE)

Amount to be raised: 250.000 USDC

Place: https://ftm.defilaunch.finance/presale/5table

IDO token price:
Tier 1: 1.225 USDC (71,429 5TABLE) — 87.500 USDC
Tier 2: 1.1875 USDC (42,105 5TABLE) — 50.000 USDC
Tier 3: 1.125 USDC (100,000 5TABLE) — 112.500 USDC
Listing Price: 1.0 5TABLE = 1.25 USDC

5table Finance is ready to enter Fantom Opera chain and attract massive adoption since the stablecoin market is getting bigger every day.

Don’t miss your chance to jump in at the start and get even more benefits!




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