5table Finance & Yield Parrot

Our great partnership plan is growing every day, with new successful DeFi projects joining our protocol. Yield Parrot originally launched on BSC and has recently launched also on Fantom.

We have started our partnership with some cross-marketing actions on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium, and an AMA at their main Telegram group, where more than 200 questions from the audience were posted!

As a yield aggregator & optimizer, they offer auto-compounding vaults for the most popular tokens and their partners' LPs. For this occasion, they will build a 5TABLE-USDC farm with 6 auto-compounds per day and add $fLORY to the rewards of the vault.

And that’s just the start because as we continue growing our partners and having more $5TABLE farms across different platforms, Yield Parrot will continue to build optimized vaults with auto-compounding, attracting more TVL and increasing the buying pressure of the $5TABLE token.

We will continue building more opportunities to strengthen both ecosystems, such as cross pools, more cross-marketing actions, AMAs at Discord, exchanging tokens, giveaways, and more will be coming.



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