5table joins DeFi Launch Incubation Program

A great network of resources put at our disposal to nurture and strengthen key areas of our protocol

2 min readDec 2, 2021

5 table is born to be a star player in the blockchain ecosystem. Its vision is to become the leading stablecoin investment protocol in the world. And for that to happen, it needs to build really strong bases to sustain massive growth.

From the start point, it has joined a high-potential project incubator that will collaborate in the creation process of the foundations of the protocol. With strategic assistance in the areas of security and tokenomics architecture, 5table Finance will be able to find more efficient and innovative solutions.

But the best and most innovative financial strategies are not enough by themselves if there is no massive adoption from the users. For that reason, 5table will nurture its ecosystem with all the resources facilitated by DeFi Launch, including media partners and other DeFi projects.

A strong marketing campaign will be deployed weeks before the presale starts, to attract the attention of DeFi users and potential users. This campaign will be planned with the support of the DeFi Launch marketing team and its collaborators, which includes DappRadar, Bsc News, Dapp.com, and more.

And other DeFi projects will be working side by side with 5table Finance, searching for innovative ways to offer new and unique opportunities for both their communities and all 5table users.

After the Incubation Program finishes, DeFi Launch will host a public presale for 5table token to go live in the Binance Smart Chain. And although the Incubation Program will be over after that, 5table will continue working alongside DeFi Launch to continue sharing resources, improving security and searching for new opportunities to strengthen the 5table protocol.




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