5table Roadmap

Many ambitious milestones for an upcoming top player of the crypto ecosystem.

2 min readNov 30, 2021

The first stop is always security, as is the most valuable point of interest for the 5table Ecosystem (for both the team and the users). Most of our users have low-risk financial profiles, which means that safety is primary for them.

5table will be audited by Certik, one of the most recognized audit companies in the DeFi Ecosystem. This will allow building confidence between presale investors before we launch, but also to continue growing in a steady and sustainable way after launch.

As an incubated project by DeFi Launch, 5table will have its presale in defilaunch.finance. The IDO tokenomics and specific details about the $Stable token will be published for all the presale investors to read and ask questions directly to the 5table Finance team.

As a project that offers a unique value around stablecoins, it aims to have a presence across all the most popular and used blockchains in the crypto ecosystem. It will start at the Binance Smart Chain because of the low gas fees and rich DeFi Ecosystem, but it will quickly appear in new chains, such as Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and more.

In the second stage, hard work around UI/UX optimization will be made according to the experience and suggestions of all $Stable holders. Also, a Smart Stable Dashboard will be developed to improve the experience for our users and continue nurturing the platform.

In the third section, 5Table Finance will add Borrow & Supply features, Leveraged Yield Farming, and Private Pools with passwords for OTC and private sales. These complex strategies will take the profits of the users to a higher level while keeping a safe ecosystem for all $Stable holders.

For the long-term stages, 5Table Finance plans to establish strategic alliances that open the opportunity to buy with Credit and Debit card. Also, Interest Bearing Bitcoin will be added to the 5Table platform.




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