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The best place to earn the highest profits with your stablecoins

2 min readNov 28, 2021


Stablecoins are a key player in the crypto ecosystem, providing stability and making it possible for users to get in & out of risk positions easily. And with the optimization of blockchains, this has also become cheaper!

In the same way as in traditional finances is possible to earn profits from your fiat money, at the decentralized finances everyone can earn profits by staking their stablecoins across different platforms.

5table finance is a next-generation platform that offers the highest yields for your stablecoins, using high-level financial strategies and optimizing gas costs.

An ecosystem built around the 5 most used stablecoins

The 5 most used stablecoins combined have a volume of +$80,000,000,000 daily!

BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI & UST are the five stable coins around which 5table Finance is built. Offering an extremely easy and user-friendly platform, everyone can stake their stablecoins in the most profitable and safe way.

This provides a unique opportunity to achieve massive expansion. There is a huge volume from where to attract and almost every crypto user holds at least some of their funds in stablecoins.

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