High earnings for your stablecoins without crypto volatility

Enjoy watching your assets grow steadily, knowing that they will not lose their value

2 min readDec 10, 2021


Do you like to hold cryptocurrencies and earn high profits with them, but it makes you nervous that at any time their price con drop making you lose a big part of your assets?

Your stablecoins have their price pledge to the U.S. dollar, meaning that they will never lose their value. But having cash dollars under your bed, in a bank account, or leaving them without use in your wallet, is a very inefficient strategy.

A great opportunity is to stake your stablecoins to get earnings from them, getting real passive income. There are multiple alternatives within the DeFi ecosystem where you can earn different rates and get your earnings in different tokens.

Make your money work and you will stop working for money.

Why choose 5table Finance?

There is no better place to stake your stablecoins, and here are the most important reasons for that:

> The highest profits for your stablecoins, using the most efficient strategies to achieve extraordinary high APYs.

> High-security standards, with the smart contracts audited by the most recognized audit companies in all the crypto landscape.

> Users get their earnings in the same stablecoin they are staking. (No more staking stablecoins and earning highly volatile Altcoins that can drop their value).

> The best user experience, with a very user-friendly platform with a simple & modern UI/UX.

> World-class team backing up the project and with great resources provided by DeFi Launch Incubation Program.

The highest yields with the highest security standards are coming soon to the Binance Smart Chain




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