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We gathered together the questions that most of the users usually ask in one clear and short article

3 min readFeb 18, 2022


Getting into a new project sometimes can be a little stressful, trying to find all the information from different sources, asking to the community members and team, and then trying to assemble all that together.

Check out what questions the community have already asked many times and what are the answers to them:

What is 5table Finance about?

5table Finance is an advanced protocol built around stablecoins. Here users can stake any of the 5 available stablecoins (single token, no need to create an LP), and earn the highest APY on the whole network.

How does 5table Finance achieve the highest APY?

The main Stablecoin Vault at 5table.finance automatically executes multiple operations automatically, turning that stablecoins into different stablecoins LPs and staking them across different farms and platforms.

When a user decides to unstake, our strategy contract execute multiple operations and turn it back into the same stablecoin single token that the user initially staked.

All the farms used in the strategy can be seen in real-time in the Dashboard section of our website

What are the most important features of the $5TABLE token?

  • Limited supply -- No more tokens minted after presale
  • Automatic buyback $5TABLE with the profits of the protocol → Steady buy pressure
  • The profits of the protocol are distributed among the $5TABLE holders → More incentives to buy and hold the token

What security measures that 5table Finance protocol has?

The 5table Finance protocol is fully audited. Unlike most projects that only get audited one or two smart contracts, our protocol has all the smart contracts audited (12).

All the security issues found on the audit report have been addressed and successfully solved. || Audit report

What can be voted on the Govern section?

There are multiple decisions where the $5TABLE holders will be able to participate to decide the path of the protocol, that can be of Low, Medium or High level of importance.

Regarding security, every time that there is a change in the allocation of funds from the main Stablecoin Vault, the holders will be able to vote for Yes or No. This eliminates centralization risk, since the 5table Finance team renounced ownership and can’t choose freely where to send the funds of the vault.

Is the $5TABLE token price the same across all chains?

No. The $5TABLE token has an independent price in each chain, and the whole protocol also works separately in each chain.

The profits of the protocol in each chain follow the overall performance of that particular network, and therefore the size of the buyback and dividends that the $5TABLE holders receive depends on which chain they bet on.

If you have any question that is not answered in here, please join any of our channels and just ask. Our team is friendly and responsive, and will happily answer all your questions 😄




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