Partnership details — KnightSwap

Find out all the details about this strong partnership with impact on Fantom and BSC

2 min readFeb 15, 2022


The relationship between 5table Finance and Knight Ecosystem has been great for the very first moment. The team behind KnightSwap is one of the most serious and professional out there and works towards building real and valuable opportunities for their community and partners.

There are multiple ways in which both projects have already worked together, and there will be more coming in the future.

Starting with cross-marketing support on different media channels such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium, both communities got engaged really quickly, with some KnightSwap supporters jumping in 5table Finance ecosystem and 5table users joining Dark KnightSwap farms and raids.

Shortly after the Fantom launch, 5table Finance added liquidity at Dark KnightSwap to provide more trading opportunities, especially for Dark KnightSwap users. But it’s not only about Dark KnightSwap DEX, but also a 5TABLE-FTM farm was deployed shortly after launch as well, increasing the buy pressure of our token.

As part of our collaboration, we sent over some $5TABLE tokens for a raids pool, where users are able to Stake $dKnight & Earn $5TABLE with a really high APR.

5table Finance BSC expansion

In preparation for $5TABLE presale on the Binance Smart Chain, we are already working to build some valuable opportunities for both communities.

Liquidity will be added to open $5TABLE trading at KnightSwap DEX, and a 5TABLE-BNB farm will be deployed shortly after launch on KnightSwap platform, with $Knight rewards for all the $5TABLE holders.

Also, a Stake $dKnight & Earn $5TABLE raids pool will be deployed at the same time with the farm as well, opening even more opportunities for everyone to earn.

But that’s not all. We know that marketing collaboration is very important at DeFi, so we will be joining the Wolf Den community for an AMA 2 days before our BSC presale, to increase the visibility with one of the strongest communities. The Wolf Den community is highly engaged with the KnightSwap ecosystem and it’s very valuable to be there sharing our project.

We expect to continue working together and further nurturing our relationship with pool & farm renewals, marketing support and many other ways.




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